The Walker County Democrat Club, and the Walker County Democratic Party have decided to let our elected officials know that we want Sen. Ted Cruz removed from office for is role in the January 6th insurrection, and for attempting to undermine the PEOPLE’S choice for the Presidency.


If you fill out the form below completely the Club and Party will send this letter to Sen. John Cornyn for you. Thanks for doing you part!
Dear Senator Cornyn,

The attempt to overturn democracy on January 6 cannot be tolerated. The insurrection stemmed directly from the Republican Party’s inaction toward Donald Trump’s continual attacks on democracy. All those who participated in this crime against the United States of America must be brought to accountability for the safety of our democracy and freedoms. You must send the message that domestic terrorism will not be tolerated.

Senator Cruz aided and abetted Trump in conspiring to undermine the vote of the people. Senator Cruz knows that President Biden rightfully won the election but chose to lead Republican senators in questioning the legality of the votes, thus contradicting the American people, the federal courts, and the Supreme Court. In doing so, he lent credibility to Trump’s lies, making himself just as guilty as Trump. We are asking you to speak up and to take action against Senator Cruz for flouting democracy, our government, the people, and his oath of office. He must be removed from the Senate immediately.

Walker County Democrats Club


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