Texas Democrats believe peace, prosperity, and national security are best achieved by maintaining a strong national defense, promoting democracy, advancing development abroad, and supporting and engaging with the United Nations and its institutions. Our policies should prioritize prevention and diplomacy through our State Department, with military action used only as a last resort and authorized only as allowed by our Constitution. Texas Democrats support consistent diplomacy and development efforts abroad in coordination with our allies who promote freedom and justice, and strongly oppose the Trump administration’s actions that have driven out skilled diplomats and replaced them with partisan, ideologically-driven political appointees.

The Texas Democratic Party supports policies and programs that:

  • Restore the United States to a leadership role in world affairs;
  • Nurture proven alliances and honor our treaty obligations;
  • Restore our moral status in the world by promoting human rights and democracy; and
  • Promote trade that is both free and fair to benefit the people and workers in America and abroad.

Restore U.S. Leadership

  • Lead international efforts to prevent the further spread of nuclear arms and to eliminate weapons of mass destruction, including reinstating the Iran nuclear deal with appropriate conditions and supporting verified efforts to denuclearize North Korea as a prerequisite for lifting sanctions;
  • Utilize our diplomatic, military, and economic resources to assist with worldwide disasters;
  • Support U.S. leadership in and improvement of international agencies such as the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) International Organization for Migration (IOM), Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR), World Health Organization (WHO), World Food Programme (WFP), International Labour Organization (ILO), World Trade Organization (WTO), International Court of Justice (ICJ), International Criminal Court (ICC), and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC);
  • Restore U.S. leadership in international institutions such as the United Nations and other alliances; and
  • Restore U.S. leadership in mitigating the effects of climate change.

Work with Our Allies

  • Recognize the interconnectivity between Texas and Mexico and restore dignity to U.S. – Mexico relations as well as establish a “Marshall Plan” for Central America to foster economic stability and end gang violence;
  • Work with our allies to facilitate a safe haven for the millions of refugees fleeing violence or persecution and welcome these vulnerable people in the United States when properly vetted;
  • Support our Kurdish allies who led the fight against ISIS within Syria, oppose the regime-sponsored violence occurring, and lead efforts to negotiate a political solution that will counter Russian dominance and prevent the establishment of Iranian bases in Syria;
  • Work with the African Union and the United Nations to bring stability to the continent by defeating African terrorist organizations;
  • Support the mission and efforts of the United States Peace Corps; and
  • Nurture proven alliances such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and honor treaty obligations.

Defend Our Country

  • Recognize that the most important commitment to our military is to the individual service member and that it is absolutely critical that we are faithful to those who serve and defend us;
  • Improve the capacity of our diplomatic organizations and military to address the threats from non-state groups and those nations that provide them support and protection;
  • Implement nationally standardized information security protocols to protect our communications networks and critical national infrastructure from all enemies foreign or domestic;
  • Prevent all sources of foreign meddling in our elections and those of our allies, regard this as an act of enemy aggression, and continue to strongly sanction Russia until it ceases its attacks on our democracy;
  • Advance our national security by restoring domestic manufacturing of essential goods to free us from dependence on the resources and products of any nation or region and to avoid future shortages;
  • Strengthen port security by inspecting unchecked containers; and
  • Prohibit privatized military security contractors from operating without legal oversight and putting America at risk.

Promote Human Rights and Democracy

  • Work to ensure that governments and societies become true democracies that promote responsive and transparent governance, minority rights, individual freedoms, and economic opportunity;
  • Encourage Iraq to renounce sectarian violence and promote a responsive and inclusive democracy that ensures minority rights and equitable access to resources;
  • Withdraw U.S. service members in a manner that does not destabilize Afghanistan or place more lives in danger, and supports development of its civil and economic infrastructure;
  • Maintain our long-standing policy that a true, mutually respectful peace with safe and secure borders for two states dedicated to peace and democracy, namely, a Jewish homeland in Israel and a Palestinian homeland, can only result from direct negotiations between willing and responsible partners;
  • Condemn mass detentions and restrictions on communications, civil rights, and human rights in Kashmir;
  • Support ending the war in Yemen;
  • Condemn the acts of violence and ethnic cleansing against Myanmar’s Rohingya and other minority populations and position the U.S. to play an active role in ending this humanitarian tragedy;
  • Support efforts to end arbitrary detention in “re-education camps” of millions of Uyghur and other ethnic minorities and to combat discrimination and human rights violations;
  • Support democracy and autonomy in Hong Kong and Tibet;
  • Promote understanding between the people of the U.S. and China through non-government-sponsored cultural, university, and religious exchanges;
  • Withdraw support for foreign or domestic agencies and programs that promote hatred and intolerance; and
  • Support the continued ban on using all methods of torture.

Promote Fair Trade Policy

  • Encourage the sale of domestic products and services in foreign markets, oppose foreign practices that restrict access to markets for American businesses and farmers, and protect American companies from intellectual property theft;
  • Require all trade agreements to establish a “level playing field” by prohibiting child and other exploitative labor practices, mandating environmental standards comparable to those required of domestic American businesses to prevent U.S. job losses, and requiring wage practices that lift foreign workers out of poverty to increase markets for American products and services;
  • Oppose arbitrary tariffs that harm our farmers and other exporters as well as our allies; and
  • Oppose the export of American jobs.